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iPhone - LogosQuiz - Level 4 Answers

Are you stuck on a logo from Level 4 in LogosQuiz for the iPhone. If you are than just look below for the help with Level 4 LogosQuiz logos. I have hidden the answers for those who wish to only find the answer to certain ones. Just highlight the answer to see the text. If you are on a mobile device you can highlight the hidden text and copy/paste it into the app.
Level 4 Logos for LogosQuiz
Hint 1: Is one of the world's largest airlines.
Hint 2: Is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, France.
Hint 3: Has two words.  A _ _  F _ _ _ _ _
Answer: Air France
Hint 1: Has one word. A _ _ C
Hint 2: Clothing company founded by Inigo Perez, Enrique Morte and Sergio Apestieguia.
Hint 3: Sponsors extreme sports events and is headquartered in Pamplona, Spain.
Answer: Anic
Hint 1: Six flavors: Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Wilde Berry, Raspberry, Lemon, and Peach Mango
Hint 2: Has one word. A _ _ _ _ _ _ A
Hint 3: It is a brand of bottled water products produced by PepsiCO Inc
Answer: Aquafina
Hint 1: The compact powder was orignally known as "A _ _ _ L Ultra"
Hint 2: It is a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble
Hint 3: First appeared on the UK market in 1967.
Answer: Ariel
Hint 1: Has one word. A _ _ _ C
Hint 2: Has provided the skis for many professional skiers such as Hermann Maier.
Hint 3: Is a ski producer located in Altenmarkt, Salzburg, Austria
Answer: Atomic
Hint 1: Their slogan is " The company for women"
Hint 2: US cosmetics, perfume and toy seller.
Hint 3: Has one word. A _ _ N
Answer: Avon
Hint 1: Fourth-largest company in the world and one of the six oil and gas "supermajors"
Hint 2: Global oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom
Hint 3: The name derives from British Petroleum
Answer: BP
Hint 1: Founded in Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Weskott
Hint 2: Well-known for its original brand of aspirin
Hint 3: Chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863.
Answer: Bayer
Hint 1: Is an Australian clothing company called B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ G
Hint 2: Australian English word meaning a small lake.
Hint 3:The company sells surfwear and accessories.
Answer: Billabong
Hint 1: The logo is BLUE and has a bind rune merging the Younger Futhark runes.
Hint 2: Has 9 letters. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ H
Hint 3: Wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances.
Answer: Bluetooth
Hint 1: Italian watch and jewelry company founded in 1906.
Hint 2: Charlize Theron and Edward Norton use their products.
Hint 3: "Don't touch my B _ _ _ L"
Answer: Breil
Hint 1: Calque translation of ishibashi
Hint 2: Produces motor vehicle tires.
Hint 3: Is a Japanese company
Answer: Bridgestone
Hint 1: Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977
Hint 2: Specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders: boards, boots...
Hint 3: Professional snowboard team includes Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen.
Answer: Burton
Hint 1: Is an American company
Hint 2: Has one word. C _ _ _ _ _ _ C
Hint 3: Belongs to the automotive industry
Answer: Cadillac
Hint 1: Has one word. C _ _ _ _ R
Hint 2: It is an international shoe company based in Spain.
Hint 3: The company motto is "imagination walks"
Answer: Camper
Hint 1: Has six generations, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6
Hint 2: C _ _ _ _ _ _ E is a sports car by the Chevrolet division of General Motors.
Hint 3: The first model, a convertible, was designed by Harley Earl.
Answer: Corvette
Hint 1: Division of Deutsche Post providing international express mail services
Hint 2: Has three letters. D _ _
Hint 3: Name comes from founders names, Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn and Larry Hillblom
Answer: DHL
discovery channel
Hint 1: American satellite and cable TV channel founder by john Hendricks
Hint 2: MythBusters, American Chopper, Deadliest catch, Dual Survival
Hint 3: Provides documentary programming focused on popular science, history...
Answer: Discovery Channel
Hint 1: Founded by Ray DOLBY in Britain in 1965
Hint 2: Has 5 letters. D _ _ _ Y
Hint 3: American company specialized in audio noise reduction and audio encoding.
Answer: Dolby
dr pepper
Hint 1: The drink was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas
Hint 2: It is a soft drink, marketed as having a unique flavor.
Hint 3: Has two words. D _  P _ _ _ _ R
Answer: Dr Pepper
Hint 1: Manufactures snowboard masks.
Hint 2: Sponsors famous snowboarders such as Gigi Ruf
Hint 3: Has one word. D _ _ _ _ N
Answer: Dragon
Hint 1: Is a sports apparel company founded in Italy in 1959.
Hint 2: Has one word. E _ _ _ _ _ E
Hint 3: The name derives from the initials of Servadio's name, "L.S." (founder)
Answer: Ellesse
Hint 1: Formally replaced the Esso, Enco, and Humble brands in the United States.
Hint 2: Chain of gas stations as well as a brand of motor fuel and related products.
Hint 3: Has one word. E _ _ _ N
Answer: Exxon
Hint 1: Is the Italy's largest carmaker.
Hint 2: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
Hint 3: Founded by Giovanni Agnelli
Answer: Fiat
Hint 1: International Frederation of Association Football, known by the French acronym.
Hint 2: Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and its current president is Sepp Blatter.
Hint 3: Has one word. F _ _ A
Answer: FIFA
Hint 1: Has one word. _ A _
Hint 2: Founded by Donald and Doris Fisher in August 21, 1969
Hint 3: american clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco.
Answer: GAP
Hint 1: Petroleum exploration, production, refining, trading, logistics and retailing.
Hint 2: Has four letters. G _ _ P
Hint 3: Portuguese corporation engaged in activities such as natural gas supply.
Answer: Galp
Hint 1: Their slogan is "The Best a Man Can Get"
Hint 2:It is a brand of Procter & Gamble currently used for safety razors.
Hint 3: Has one word. G _ _ _ _ _ _ E
Answer: Gillette
Hint 1: Has three words. G _ _ _ O  S _ _ _ H  K _ _ _ E
Hint 2: World's third largest pharmaceutical company measured by revenues.
Hint 3: Global pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company.
Answer: Glaxo Smith Kline
Hint 1: Manufactures tires for automobiles, trucks, race cars, airplanes...
Hint 2: It is very famous throughout the world because of their Blimp
Hint 3: has one word. G _ _ _ _ _ _ R
Answer: Goodyear
gordons gin
Hint 1: Has one word. G _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 2: Developed in London in 1769 by a Scot Alexander Gordon.
Hint 3: Brand of London Dry gin produced in the United Kingdom.
Answer: Gordons
Haagen dazs
Hint 1: It is a brand of ice cream, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in NY
Hint 2:Has two words. H _ _ _ _ N  D _ _ S
Hint 3: Pronounced / ha:genda:s/
Answer: Haagen Dazs
Hint 1: Was purchased by John D. Hertz in 1923.
Hint 2: Car rental company with locations in 145 countries worldwide.
Hint 3: Has one word. H _ _ _ Z
Answer: Hertz
Hint 1: Has one word. H _ _ _ _ N
Hint 2: His first hotel was the Mobley Hotel, in 1919 in Cisco, Texas.
Hint 3: Chain of full-service hotels and resorts founded by Conrad Hilton.
Answer: Hilton
Hint 1: It began selling a civilian version of the Humvee.
Hint 2: H _ _ _ _ R. "Like nothing else"
Hint 3: Manufactures luxury SUVs, trucks...
Answer: Hummer
Hint 1: It has 5 letters. I _ _ _ O
Hint 2: Is an Italian truck, bus, and diesel engine manufacturer.
Hint 3: Industrial Vehicle Corporation.
Answer: Iveco
Hint 1: Is an automobile car manufacturer.
Hint 2: Has four letters. _ E _ _
Hint 3; It is the oldest off-rod vehicle (SUV) brand
Answer: Jeep
johnnie walker
Hint 1: Has two words. J _ _ _ _ _ E  W _ _ _ _ R
Hint 2: It is a brand of Scotch Whisky originated in Kilmarnock, Ayrchire, Scotland.
Hint 3: Legacy left by John "Johnnie" Walker after he started to sell whisky.
Answer: Johnnie Walker
Hint 1: Has three letters. K _ _
Hint 2: Chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hint 3: Primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches
Answer: KFC
Hint 1: Multinational US corporation which produces imaging and photographic materials.
Hint 2: Has 5 letters. K _ _ _ K
Hint 3: Founded by Eastman in 1892, with the slogan: "You press the button, we do the rest"
Answer: Kodak
Hint 1: Colorful interlocking plastic bricks and various other parts.
Hint 2: Name come from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well"
Hint 3: Is a line of construction toys.
Answer: Lego
Hint 1: is an american company
Hint 2: Is an autombile manufacturer
Hint 3: 16th President of the United States.
Answer: Lincoln
Lucky Strike
Hint 1: Was first introduced by R.A. Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, in 1871.
Hint 2: It is a brand of American cigarettes, often referred as "Luckies"
Hint 3: has two words. L _ _ _ Y  S _ _ _ _ E
Answer: Lucky Strike
Hint 1: name comes from the German word for "air", and Hansa (a medieval trading group).
Hint 2: Is the flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe.
Hint 3: Has one word. L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A
Answer: Lufthansa
Hint 1: Has two letters. M _
Hint 2: Is a British sports car manufacturer.
Hint 3: Gots its name from Morris Garages one of the founders.
Answer: MG
Hint 1: Operating globally, it is the fifth largest provider in the world.
Hint 2: Has 8 letters. M _ _ _ _ _ _ R
Hint 3: Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider in Europe and Latin America.
Answer: Movistar
Hint 1: American-based, multinational telecommunications company.
Hint 2: Name comes from "MOTOR" and "VictrOLA"
Hint 3; M _ _ _ _ _ _ A StarTAC. RAZR, Droid
Answer: Motorola
Hint 1: Intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty
Hint 2: The N _ _ O headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium
Hint 3: Also called the (North) Atlantic Aliance
Answer: Nato
Hint 1: Multinational corp headquartered in Tokyo specializing in optics and imaging.
Hint 2: Its products include cameras, binoculars, microscopes, measurements instruments
Hint 3: The name _ _ _ _ N, is a merging of Nippon K~cgaku "Japan Optical" and an imitation of Zeiss's brand Ikon
Answer: Nikon
Hint 1: Two words. P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 2: The company, founded in 1912, is located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood
Hint 3: American film production and distribution company.
Answer: Paramount
Hint 1: Is a French company founded in 1810.
Hint 2: Bicycles, cars and motorcycles manufacturer.
Hint 3: The 504, 405, and 307 have won the European Car of the Year award.
Answer: Peugeot
Hint 1: In 1946 they launched the legendary Vespa scooter.
Hint 2: Fourth largest producer of scooters and motorcycles in the world.
Hint 3: Founded by Rinaldo Piaggio in 184, initially produced locomotives.
Answer: Piaggio
Hint 1: One word. P _ _ _ _ _ E
Hint 2: 911, Cayenne and Boxter are some models.
Hint 3: Is a German automobile manufacturer.
Answer: Porsche
Ray Ban
Hint 1: They were introduced for the United States Army Air Corps.
Hint 2: High end manufacturer of sunglasses, founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb
Hint 3: Has two words. R _ _  B _ _
Answer: Ray Ban
Hint 1: Inspired by their love of the California lifestyle and surfing culture.
Hint 2: Has four letters. R _ _ F
Hint 3: Is a brand of casual sandals, known as flip-flops.
Answer: Reef
Hint 1: Is a French cars and vans manufacturer.
Hint 2: Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ T
Hint 3: Has won the constructors and drivers F1 titles with Fernando Alonso.
Answer: Renault
Hint 1: It is a deodorant brand manufactured by Anglo Dutch company Unilever.
Hint 2: Has one word. R _ _ _ _ A
Hint 3: Known as Sure in the UK and Ireland and Degree in the USA and Canada
Answer: Rexona
Hint 1: Except RIPping was groovy; surfing the CURL was groovy; we wanted to be groovy.
Hint 2: Initially produced surfboards and wetsuits.
Hint 3: Is a major Australian manufacturer and retailer of surfing sportswear.
Answer: Rip Curl
Hint 1: Has 4 letters. R _ _ Y
Hint 2: The olympic snowboarder, Torah Bright is part of his team.
Hint 3: The fashion apparel brand for yount women launched by Quiksilver.
Answer: Roxy
Hint 1: Is an Irish low-cost airline with its head office at Dublin Airport.
Hint 2: Was founded in 1985 by Christopher RYAN, Liam Lonergan and Tony RYAN.
Hint 3: Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ R
Answer: Ryanair
Hint 1: Master System, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Saturn, Sonic the Hedgehog
Hint 2: The name is derived from "Service Games"
Hint 3: Multinational video game software and hardwear development company.
Answer: Sega
Hint 1: "Eat fresh, live green"
Hint 2: American restaurant that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs)
Hint 3: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ Y
Answer: Subway
Hint 1: Tokyo Denki Kagaku.
Hint 2: Manufactures electronic components and recording and data-storage media.
Hint 3: Japanese company founded in 1935
Answer: TDK
Tag Heuer
Hint 1: Has two words. T _ _ H _ _ _ R
Hint 2: The company was founded in 1860 by Edouard HEUER.
Hint 3: Swiss luxury watchmaker known for its sports watches and chronographs.
Answer: Tag Heuer
Texas Instruments
Hint 1: Developes and sells semiconductor and computer technology
Hint 2: Two words: T _ _ _ _  I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: Is an American company based in Dallas, TEXAS, United States.
Answer: Texas Instruments
The North Face
Hint 1: Sells products for climbers, mountaineers, skiers, hikers...
Hint 2: FACE of a mountain in the NorTHern hemisphere which is generally THE most difficult to climb.
Hint 3: Logo is an interpretation of Half Dome in Yosemite viewed from West
Answer: The North Face
Hint 1: Has one word. T _ _ _ _ T
Hint 2: Official timekeeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, and ice hockey.
Hint 3: Swiss watchmaker company founded in 1853 by Charles-Felicien Tissot
Answer: Tissot
united airlines
Hint 1: Two words. U _ _ _ _ _  A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 2: It is a major airline based in the UNITED States.
Hint 3: One of the world's largest airlines with 48,000 employees and 359 aircraft
Answer: United Airlines
Hint 1: Global telecommunications company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
Hint 2: World's largest mobile telecommunications company measured by revenues.
Hint 3: The name comes from VOice Data FONe
Answer: Vodafone
Hint 1: Has one word. W _ _ _ A
Hint 2: German company, and one of the world's leading cosmetics suppliers.
Hint 3: Three areas: Professional, Consumer, cosmetics and Fragrances
Answer: Wella
Hint 1: The name suggests Wireless Fidelity, however was never supposed to mean anything at all
Hint 2: A device with this technology enabled can connect to the internet wireless.
Hint 3: Has 4 letters. W _ _ _
Answer: WiFi
Hint 1: Has one word. W _ _ _ _ _ N
Hint 2: Best-selling brand thanks to the slogan "tastes good like a cigarette should"
Hint 3: Brand of cigarettes manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Answer: Winston
Hint 1: Has 5 letters. X _ _ _ X
Hint 2: Global document management company founded in 1906.
Hint 3: Products: Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Faxes, Projectors, Displays
Answer: Xerox
Hint 1: Has one word. Z _ _ _ _ H
Hint 2: Major financial services group based in ZURICH, Switzerland
Hint 3: Founded in 1872 as subsidiary of the Schweiz Marine insurance Company
Answer: Zurich
Hint 1: American television network owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation
Hint 2: The Simpsons, Bones, Family Guy, American Dad, House
Hint 3: Has one word. F _ _
Answer: FOX
Hint 1: "The Amber Nectar" in Australia and the UK, and "Australian for Beer" elsewhere.
Hint 2: Has one word. F _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: Internationally distributed Australian brand of 5.0% abv pale lager
Answer: Fosters
Congratulations you have finished Level 4!

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