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iPhone - LogosQuiz - Level 9 Answers

Are you stuck on a logo from Level 9 in LogosQuiz for the iPhone. If you are than just look below for help with Level 9 LogosQuiz logos.

Level 9 Logos for LogosQuiz

Hint 1: The K from silk, the _ N _ from angora, the _ L from wool.

Hint 2: Clothing company famous for its headwear.

Hint 3: Founded in Cleator, Cumbria, England in 1938 by Jaques Spreiregen, they produced hats for workers, golfers, and especially soldiers.

Answer: kangol 

Hint 1: In May 2010, R _ _ _ _ T was named in Lead411's "2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies" list. 

Hint 2: Users vote the submission "up" or "down", which is used to rank the post and determine its position on the site's pages and front.

Hint 3: Social news website where the registered users submit content, in the form of either a link or a text "self" post.

Answer: reddit 

Hint 1: It is one of the world's largest hotel chains with 238, 440 bedrooms and 1,301 hotels globally.

Hint 2: The name was given to the original hotel by his architect Eddie Bluestein as a joke, in reference to a musical film (1942).

Hint 3: The first H _ _ _ _ _ Y _ _ N opened at 4941 Summer Avenue in Memphis (Hotel Courts) 
Answer: holiday inn 

Hint 1: Landlord's Game, which was commercially published in 1923, is considered to be a direct inspiration. 

Hint 2: The game is named after the economic concept of M _ _ _ _ _ _ Y, the domination of a market by a single entity.

Hint 3: Board game published by Parker Brothers.

Answer: monopoly

Hint 1: Chocalate-coated wafer confection that was created by Rowntree's of York, England.

Hint 2: Each finger can be snapped from the bar separately.

Hint 3: K _ _ K _ _ is now produced worldwide by Nestle.

Answer: kitkat 

Hint 1: Committed to the principles of free software development; people are encouraged to use free software, improve it, and pass it on.

Hint 2: Computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software.

Hint 3: It is named after the Southern African philosophy of U _ _ _ _ U ("humanity towards others") 

Answer: ubuntu

Hint 1: American manufacturer of batteries and personal care products, headquartered in Town and Country, Missouri.

Hint 2: One word. E _ _ _ _ _ Z _ R

Hint 3: Founded in 1896 as the American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company.

Answer: energizer 

Hint 1: The bulk of Unilever's ice cream business fails under its "Heartbrand' brand umbrella"

Hint 2: The heartbrand was launched in 1998 as an effort to increase international brand awareness.

Hint 3: Ice cream brand that has different names in difference countries.

Answer: walls 

Hint 1: Was created in 1945 by Dr Robert Huston a dentist who created the first toothbrush with its soft, end-rounded nylon bristles.

Hint 2: The "B" in O _ _ _ B stands for "Brush"

Hint 3: Brand of oral hygiene products, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss. 

Answer: oral b 

Hint 1: Brand of sugarless chewing gum from the Wrigley Company.

Hint 2: The ingredient list during the Second World War was gum base, sugar, corn syrup, softeners and artificial fruit flavours.

Hint 3: One word. O _ _ _ T

Answer: orbit

Hint 1: The original story of S _ _ _ _ _ _ N relates that he born Kal-El on the planet Krypton.

Hint 2: Fictional comic book superhero appearing in publications by DC Comics.

Hint 3: The child is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strong moral compass.

Answer: superman 

Hint 1: Hans Beck (1929 - 2009) is often called `The Father of P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L

Hint 2: Line of toys produced by the Brandstatter Group headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany.

Hint 3: Introduced limited edition sets with logos of seven different airlines, sold only aboard flights and in duty-free shops.

Answer: playmobil 

Hint 1: Founded in 1998 in Palo Alto, California by Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Elon Musk, Luke Nosek and Peter Thiel.

Hint 2: Global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the internet.

Hint 3: On October 3, 2002, P _ _ _ _ L became a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay.

Answer: paypal 

Hint 1: Graduates of this university have won a total of 65 Nobel Prizes, the most of any university in the world.

Hint 2: Alumni: Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking, Ian McKellen, Hugh Laurie.

Hint 3: Public research university located in C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E, United Kingdom.

Answer: cambridge 

Hint 1: Up until 2006, W _ _ _ _ _ N U _ _ _ N was the best-known U.S. company in the business of exchanging telegrams. 

Hint 2: Financial services and communications company based in the United States.

Hint 3: Products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments

Answer: western union 

Hint 1: Although its exact date of foundation is unclear, there is evidence of teaching as far back as 1096. 

Hint 2: Twenty-six British prime ministers, Albert Einstein, Tim Berners-Lee, Oscar Wilde have attended this university.

Hint 3: University located in O _ _ _ _ D, United Kingdom

Answer: oxford 

Hint 1: It is an annual rally raid type of off-road race, organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation.

Hint 2: Most events since the inception in 1978 were from Paris, France, to Dakar, Senegal.

Hint 3: Security threats in Mauritania led to the cancellation of the 2008 rally, the 2009 race was run in South America.

Answer: dakar rally 

Hint 1: Assassin's Creed, Driver: San Francisco, Heroes of Might and Magic VI, Shaun White Skateboarding...

Hint 2: The name is a play on words, "Ubi" meaning "where" in Latin. 'Softwhere' or 'Software'.

Hint 3: Major French video game publisher and developer, with headquarters in Rennes, France.

Answer: ubisoft 

Hint 1: Fictional airlines used in several films, television programs and comic books.

Hint 2: The Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles crashed. A group called " ) _ _ _ _ _ C Six" survived. 

Hint 3: The most famous use of this brand is in the TV show Lost.

Answer: oceanic airlines 

Hint 1: American private research university located in Stanford, California on an 3,310 ha campus near Palo Alto.

Hint 2: S _ _ _ _ _ _ D alumni have started many companies: HP, Cisco, Google, Nvidia, Yahoo, Nike, Gap, Instagram, Sun.

Hint 3: More than 50 Stanford faculty, staff, and alumni have won the Nobel Prize.

Answer: stanford university 

Hint 1: C _ _ _ _ L L _ traces its roots back to 1876 and a fine tailor, Vittore Gianni, in the heart of Milan. 

Hint 2: Produces specialized clothing for cycling.

Hint 3: Maurizio Castelli created his eponymous brand in 1974.

Answer: castelli 

Hint 1: Company that produces toys for infants and children, headquartered in East Aurora, New York.

Hint 2: Founded in 1930 by Herman FISHER, Irving PRICE, Margaret Evans Price, and Helen Schelle.

Hint 3: One of best-known lines is Little People toys, which includes people and animal figures.

Answer: fisher price 

Hint 1: Produces the Gold Bunny, a hollow milk chocolate rabbit in a variety of sizes available every Easter since 1952.

Hint 2: Lindor is a type of chocolate produced by L _ _ _ T, which is characterized by a hard chocolate shell and a smooth chocolate filling. 

Hint 3: Luxury Swiss chocolate and confectionery company.

Answer: lindt 

Hint 1: Founded in 1989 by John McAfee.

Hint 2: Computer security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Hint 3: Markets software and services to home users, businesses and the public sector.

Answer: mcafee 

Hint 1: The first significant attempt to emulate the ancient event was the L'Olympiade de la Republique.

Hint 2: Were a series of competitions held between representatives of several city-states and kingdoms from Ancient Greece.

Hint 3: Major international event featuring summer and winter sports.

Answer: olympic games 

Hint 1: Known for creating franchises such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Ghosts'n Goblins, Lost Planet, Mega Man...

Hint 2: Japanese developer and publisher of video games.

Hint 3: Originally established in 1983, C _ _ _ _ M has since become an international enterprise.

Answer: capcom 

Hint 1: American company that publishes comic books and related media.

Hint 2: M _ _ _ _ L characters: Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, the Hulk, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Thor and Captain America.

Hint 3: Started in 1939 as Timely Publications, and by the early 1950s had generally become known as Atlas Comics.

Answer: marvel 

Hint 1: M _ _ _ _ _ _ Y _ _ S _ _ _ D opened on 21 September 1991.

Hint 2: Nightclub based in London, England and associated record label.

Hint 3: Was rankked fourth in the 2010 DJ Magazine top 100 clubs poll 2010.

Answer: ministry of sound 

Hint 1: American telecommunications company based in Overland Park, Kansas.

Hint 2: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ T

Hint 3: Has 55 million customers, making it the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States.

Answer: sprint 

Hint 1: International confederation of 15 organisations working in more than 90 countries worldwide to find lasting solutions to poverty.

Hint 2: Originally founded in Oxford, UK, in 1942 as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relieft by social activists and Oxford academics.

Hint 3: The name "O _ _ _ M" comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief.

Answer: oxfam 

Hint 1: German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart. 

Hint 2: It is the world's largest supplier of automotive components.

Hint 3: The company was founded by Robert BOSCH in Stuttgart in 1886.

Answer: robert bosch 

Hint 1: The M _ _ _ _ _ G created the "pony car" class of American auto mobiles, sports car-like coupes with long hoods and short rear decks.

Hint 2: The model is Ford's third oldest nameplate in production and has undergone several transformations to its current fifth generation.

Hint 3: Automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

Answer: mustang 

Hint 1: The company was founded in 1946 with three cars at Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti by Warren Avis. 

Hint 2: American car rental company headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, New Jersey, United States.

Hint 3: The company instituted its system of vehicle tracking, that was not coincidentally named Advanced Vehicle Identification System.

Answer: avis 

Hint 1: International humanitarian movement with approximately 97 million volunteers.

Hint 2: R _ D C _ _ _ S was founded to protect human life and health.

Hint 3: Non-governmental organization founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Answer: red cross 

Hint 1: The name "B _ _ T W _ _ _ _ _ N" was a result of most of their properties originally being in the United States WEST of the Mississippi River

Hint 2: Founded in 1946 by M. K. Guertin

Hint 3: The world's largest hotel chain, with over 4,195 hotels in nearly 80 countries.

Answer: best western 

Hint 1: Founded by Kasper FABER in 1761.

Hint 2: One of the world's largest manufacturers of pens, pencils as well as high-end writing instruments and luxury leather goods.

Hint 3: Logo is a combination of the Faber motto, "Since 1761", with the "jousting knights" of the CASTELLs' coat-of-arms

Answer: faber castell 

Hint 1: S _ _ G_ O T _ _ _ H _ _ I became a professional tennis player at age 17 by entering the tennie Club of Milan in 1955. 

Hint 2: Italian fashion designer of sportswear and former professional tennis player. 

Hint 3: Ayrton Senna, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe used this brand.

Answer: sergio tacchini 

Hint 1: A "Z _ _ _ O" ligher is a refillable, metal lighter.

Hint 2: Have gained popularity as "windproof" lighters.

Hint 3: It got its name because Blaisdell (flounder) liked the sound of the word "zipper"

Answer: zippo 

Hint 1: The company was founded in 1881, when Kintar Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop called "K Hattori"

Hint 2: Japanese watch company.

Hint 3: S _ _ K _ is a Japanese word meaning "exquisite," "minute," or "success"

Answer: seiko 

Hint 1: Founded by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna after DiNenna's unsuccessful attempt to find a watch that reflected his surfing lifestyle.

Hint 2: N _ _ _ N has continued its growth into over 25 countries and is now part of Billabong international.

Hint 3: American accessories company for the youth lifestyle lifestyle market founded in 1997 in Encinitas, California.

Answer: nixon 

Hint 1: Energy drink created in 2001.

Hint 2: Sponsors a range of events, including the Mayhem Festival, the Taste Of Chaos and the "Alternative Press Tour"

Hint 3: R _ _ _ _ _ _ R Energy Drink is available in fourteen different flavors, and in over twenty countries.

Answer: rockstar 

Hint 1: Fictional character, a comic book superhero created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

Hint 2: Operates in the fictional American Gotham City

Hint 3: His's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an American millionaire (later billionaire), industrialist, and philanthropist.

Answer: batman 

Hint 1: P _ _ _ A New York is the first North American branch of the club and the newest member of the franchise.

Hint 2: The first club was opened in Sitges outside Barcelona in 1967.

Hint 3: Nightclub franchise with headquarters in Lbiza, Spain

Answer: pacha 

Hint 1: J _ _ _ Y C _ _ _ _ _ E was founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

Hint 2: Their slogans include "For Nice Girls Who Life Stuff", "Smells Like Couture", "Be Juicy", "Cupid Couture", "Viva la juicy"...

Hint 3: Contemporary casual wear and dressy apparels seller based in Arleta, Los Angeles, California.

Answer: juicy couture 

Hint 1: American company which manufactures clothing, particularly underwear.

Hint 2: The company sells its products to all major discount chains and mass merchandisers, wholesale clubs and screen printers.

Hint 3: Robert Knight is the founder of F _ _ _T O F T _ E L _ _ O

Answer: fruit of the loom 

Hint 1: Worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand, founded in 1959 by the French entrepreneur Yves Rocher. 

Hint 2: The company maintains a botanique garden, the Jardin botanique Y _ _ S R _ _ _ _ R de La Gacilly.

Hint 3: The company is present in 88 countries on five continents and employs 13,500.

Answer: yves rocher 

Hint 1: S _ _ _ _ _ _ S was named after the favourite horse of the Mars family.

Hint 2: Brand name of a candy bar made by Mars.

Hint 3: It consists of nougat topped with caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Answer: snickers 

Hint 1: Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix is the premier championship of motorcycle road racing.

Hint 2: M _ _ O _ P is the oldest motorsport race of all are disputed. The first annual competition since 1949.

Hint 3: Championship illustrious names are Giacomo Agostini, Mick Doohan, Angel Nieto and Mike Hailwood.

Answer: moto gp 

Hint 1: The _ _ G A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A brand is best known for its "Classic" sheepskin boots.

Hint 2: American footwear company.

Hint 3: Founded in 1978 by Brain Smith. 

Answer: ugg australia 

Hint 1: Also called I _ _ _ _ _ N Hawaii, the world championships of the event, held annually in Hawaii since 1978. 

Hint 2: One of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. 

Hint 3: 2.4-miles (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon 26.2-mile (42.2 km) run.

Answer: ironman

Hint 1: W _ _ _ _ _ N D _ _ _ _ _ L was founded on april 23, 1970 by Alvin b. Philips, a Motorola employee, as General Digital.

Hint 2: One of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world.

Hint 3: In October 2010, WD announced the first 3 TB internal hard disk drive.

Answer: western digital 

Hint 1: Sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois.

Hint 2: Founded by Thomas E. WILSON in 1913.

Hint 3: Equipment for many sports: badminton, baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, squash, tennis, and volleyball.

Answer: wilson 

Hint 1: Acronym for Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

Hint 2: P _ _ I courses range from entry levels "Scuba Diver" and "Open Water Diver" to "Master Scuba Diver"

Hint 3: World's largest recreational diving membership and diver training organization founded in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson

Answer: padi 

Hint 1: The service had approximately ten million users as of 15 September 2010.

Hint 2: The S _ _ _ _ _ Y application was launched for public access on 7 October 2008.

Hint 3: Swedish music streaming service offering digitally restricted streaming of selected music.

Answer: spotify 

Hint 1: French perfume house, among the oldest in the world.

Hint 2: Has traditionally been held in high esteem in the perfume industry.

Hint 3: The House of G _ _ _ _ _ _ N was owned and managed by members of the Guerlain family from 1828 to 1994.

Answer: guerlain 

Hint 1: French tennis, badminton and quash equipment company, best known for its strings and tennis racquets.

Hint 2: The company has made strings since 1875, when Pierre Babolat created the first strings made of natural gut.

Hint 3: Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick use B _ _ _ _ _ T racquets.

Answer: babolat 

Hint 1: Japanese pen manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan.

Hint 2: Produces writing instruments, stationery and jewellery, but is most well known for its pens.

Hint 3: The P _ _ _ T Pen Corporation was founded by Erich Drafahi and Ryosuke Namiki in 1918

Answer: pilot 

Hint 1: Founded in 1846 by Enrique Loewe.

Hint 2: L _ _ W _ is known around the world as being one of the very best when it comes to luxury leather goods.

Hint 3: Spanish luxury clothing and accessories brand based in Madrid and is owned by the LVMH Group.

Answer: loewe 

Hint 1: Has been named as the world's fifth most valuable web setup after Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and Groupon.

Hint 2: D _ _ _ _ _ X was founded in 2007 by MIT graduates Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi

Hint 3: File hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software.

Answer: dropbox 

Hint 1: American private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hint 2: H _ _ _ _ _ D is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Hint 3: Alumni: Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Richard Stallman, Mark Zuckerberg, matt Damon...

Answer: harvard 

Hint 1: The stort of the company began in 1935 when Takeo Ishimoto opened his first retail shop in Osaka, Japan.

Hint 2: The name D _ _ _ _ _ _ E is French for "downhill" and the company's logo symbolizes the three basic techniques of skiing.

Hint 3: By 1955 was specializing in athletic apparel and stretch-style ski pants.

Answer: descente 

Hint 1: Denim and casual wear jeans brand that was established in the Portobello Road area of London in 1973.

Hint 2: Founded by Nitin, Arun and Milan Shah.

Hint 3: The supermodel Kate Moss's first advertising campaign was for P _ _ E J _ _ _ S

Answer: pepe jeans 

Hint 1: Popular properties including Daikaju, Ultraman, Super Robot, Kamen Rider, the Super and Power Rangers series.

Hint 2: It is one of the largest producer of toys in the world.

Hint 3: Japanese toy making and video game company, as well as the...

Answer: bandai 

Hint 1: The largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world.

Hint 2: L _ _ _ _ Y P _ _ _ _ T was founded by Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler.

Hint 3: The first book, Across Asia on the Cheap, was written and published by Tony Wheeler.

Answer: lonely planet 

Hint 1:Some of P _ _ _ _ K _ _ L's signature brands and toys include Mr. Potato Head, play-Doh, Tonka, Tinker Toys

Hint 2: American company that produced educational toys and games for children founded in 1901

Hint 3: Let's PLAY!, Believe in PLAY, More Than Play

Answer: playskool 

Hint 1: In 1845 William Welch Deloitte opened an office in Basinghall Street in London. He went on to open an office in New York in 1880.

Hint 2: One of the Big Four professional services firms along with PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG

Hint 3: D _ _ _ _ _ _ E global headquarters is located in New York City, United States.

Answer: deloitte 

Hint 1: 1984 American supernatural sci-fi comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

Hint 2: Three eccentric parapsychologists in New York City, who start a ghost catching business

Hint 3: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver.

Answer: ghost busters 

Hint 1: Luxury watchmaker based in Saint-lmier, Switzerland.

Hint 2: Founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832, the company is owned by the Swatch Group

Hint 3: L _ _G _ _ _ S provided timers used at the first modern day Olympics in 1896.

Answer: longines 

Hint 1: Social networking service owned by Specific Media LLC and pop star Justin Timberlake.

Hint 2: M _ _ _ _ _ E launched in August 2003 and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.

Hint 3: From 2005 until early 2008, was the most visited social networking site in the world.

Answer: myspace 

Hint 1: D _ _ _ _ _ E specializes in protective wear for sports such as motorcycling and mountain biking

Hint 2: Italian company founded in 1972 by its current President Lino Dainese.

Hint 3: Well known in motorcycling cicles, sponsoring riders such as Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi. Answer: dainese 

Hint 1: Brand of Italian vermouth.

Hint 2: M _ _ _ _ _ I has been involved in motor racing sponsorship.

Hint 3: Named after the Martini & Rossi Distilleria Nazionria di Spirito di Vino, in Turin

Answer: martini 

Hint 1: Brand of competitive swimwear created in 1973 at Adidas France, by its president Horst Dassler. 

Hint 2: A _ _ _ A original Elite Team included such world champions as Mark Spits (USA), Novella Calligaris (ITA), David Wilke (UK)

Hint 3: Powerskin technology became the flagship of the new generation of elite competition full-body swimsuits.

Answer: arena 

Hint 1: The stick was successfully tested on board the International Space Station and was awarded Space Proof Quality.

Hint 2: Brand of adhesives, tapes, KidsArt, correction, and fixing products designed and marketed by Henkel.

Hint 3: They invented the world's first glue stick, also known as the _ _ _ T T Stick

Answer: pritt 

Hint 1: Was ranked 16 on the list of top 50 domains in terms of number of unique in 2007. 

Hint 2: Blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.

Hint 3: On August 23, 1999, B _ _ G G _ _ was launched by Pyra Labs

Answer: blogger 

Hint 1: Second-largest South Korean conglomerate company following Samsung

Hint 2: Produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products

Hint 3: The name is an abbreviation of "Lucky-Goldstar"

Answer: lg 

Hint 1: Manufacturer of scuba equipment.

Hint 2: Expanded to become one of the largest scuba manufacturers, having with US manufacturer Dacor

Hint 3: Founded in 1949 by Ludovico Mares in Rapallo, Italy.

Answer: mares

Congratulations you completed level 9! 

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